Archival Pigment Print40{quote}x30{quote} Edition of 10 • 24{quote}x20{quote} Edition of 25
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Archival Pigment Print 

40"x30" Edition of 10 • 24"x20" Edition of 25 

He sees through his lens darkly, and evocatively, capturing a noir Los Angeles saturated with atmosphere and a hazy ambiguity. His eye prefers crepuscular light, and dawn, and it monumentalizes LA by treating buildings, even signs, as icons that create a city of stature. He chooses to see a more heroic Los Angeles, when the buildings and the signs were the larger-than-life stars of a city… when Wilshire Boulevard was a mile of miracles. 

– Joseph Giovannini, New York Times art critic 

Jim McHugh captures Los Angeles in a simpler time. He evokes in these luminous, elegant photographs the Los Angeles of our memories. 

– Barbara Isenberg, author of 'Conversations with Frank Gehry' 

Jim McHugh follows in the footsteps of photography giant Ansel Adams. 

Vanity Fair 

Jim McHugh's large format photographs are moody, elegiac studies of urban landscapes and architectural detail, exploring the themes of loss and urban entropy. He has a deep appreciation for the inexplicable darkness that haunts this famously sunny, palm-shaded city. 

– Lynn Morgan, Art and Living 

Acclaimed photographer Jim McHugh is heir to a particular experience and vision of Los Angeles that's all romance, noir, silhouetted buildings, and casual luxury. With his knack for photographing buildings in the intimate style of a portraitist, and in such a way as to erase all traces of intervening history, McHugh's photographs capture the ghost of what was — and might be again — LA's promise of beauty and the sunny, shadowy, glittering character of America in its vintage red-carpet regalia. 

– Shana Nys Dambrot, Flavorpill New York